This is the End ... of Class 1, my Friends

Hey Everybody!

This is it. All my hard work in a one minute and five second clip. I think it turned out pretty good. There are a few things that you haven't seen yet. The personality walk: Stealth. And my balance pose. If the walk turned out dark on your monitor, I apologize for the inconvenience. It looks good on my quicktime video file, but when I uploaded it to the internet... it sucked all the light out of it... BOO! I hope you guys can see it.

Anyway, it's my time to say good bye to Class 1. I gotta say thank you to Aaron, my Professor, for being an amazing teacher and pushing my work to the next level.

Time for a nice week off! Enjoy the reel!

::Music is by The Yoshida Brothers. The Song is Kodo::


Oh so Tired... and Stealthy...

Oh man, what an exhausting week... Perfect segway to my Pose... Exhaustion. It was perfect timing... or not so perfect timing. Work is loading up like crazy and class 1 is wrapping up. The pressure is on! Anyway, here is my exhaustion pose, nothing more to say.

Next week, my personality walk and a balancing act. Talk to you soon.


Vanilla Walk and Concern

Hey Guys,

Week 9 all done! This week was a nice challenge, but not as hard as I thought. I successfully animated a standard or "Vanilla" walk. Aaron seemed to like it, not much critique, which is a good sign. Also, this weeks pose, Concern. This one was more challenging, but since I did so well with the story telling on my physical strength pose, I figure I would continue with it. I hope you guys enjoy. Next, adding some personality to my step and an exhausting week.