So close!

Almost there! I still have a hand full of fixes I need to adjust on my shot, but that's what polishing is for.

Also, a couple more face poses.

Sorry for the late post. I was at Comic-con last week and that was a blast!

Also, I will probably be late this week because I'll be attending Siggraph (LA) and then! the Animation Mentor BBQ the following weekend up in San Francisco. It's going to be fun!!!


Facial Refining Pass

And here is the next pass at the face. I added some asymmetry to the mouth, cleaned up to the eyebrows, refined the phonemes and pushed the contrast between the major vowels. Still have PLENTY to do, but one more week and then it's on to the two person dialogue!

Also, they have us work on a couple face poses a week. Enjoy!


First Face Pass

Updates, Updates! The first pass at my facial animation. So much that goes into it, it's ridiculous. All I've done so far was block in the mouth and eyebrow shapes. Lots to do and only two weeks left. Enjoy.


Pure Inspiration

If you haven't listen/watched it yet, this is an interview on Sketchoholic with host Bobby Chiu and Aaron Hartline. Give it a listen and I promise, it will inspire the heck out of you.