Exciting Excitement Pose

Hello Everybody,

I finished up with my excitement pose a few days ago. I hope it makes your approval. My next pose is Devastation. This one will be a challenge, but I will come up with something awesome. Look for my next post in a few days. Talk to you soon.


Hey Guys,

I was going to post last week, but unfortunately, I have lost my internets. The problem should be fixed by tomorrow and I will be up and running with my finished pose :D In the mean time, I leave you with a fun animated short I found online. It brings me back to my animal/wildlife drawing class. Enjoy!



Hey guys,

One of the first things I'm doing for this blog is a pose test. The pose is excitement. Something to warm me up, help me with my silhouettes and help my over all animation progression. These are just simple thumbnails and the four with the dots are the ones I most favor. Any feedback would be great. I will hopefully post something up in the next couple of days. Talk to you soon!



Welcome all to my new animation blog. This is a blog exclusively for my true passion...Animation. I will post reference, thumbnails, work in progress, final animation test and anything else that has to do with animation. I should have something up in the next few days. Thank you for visiting and I leave you with one of many great sources of inspiration. Enjoy!