Strengthing my Poses.... Corny

Hello People,

My newest pose is ready! I actually used two poses. The one that is on the left (middle) and the one at the very top (leftish). I felt that the bottom one was more dynamic and I felt the one at the top had a better arc in the spine. I believe I accomplished the feeling of this guy using all of his strength to pull something onto the cliff. If you have any feedback, lay it on to me. My next goal is the newest 11 second club challenge and that will be a challenge because I haven't animated a dialogue test in a long while. Also, I will be working on my next pose, Concern. I should have those thumbnails up in a few days. Talk to you soon.


Strength thumbnails


Just a quick post of thumbnails. This was one of my last pages and I think I found the appropriate silhouette(the circled drawing in the bottom right corner). I needed to tweak a few things. Any feedback is appreciated. Also, I have decided to for go this months 11 Seconded Club challenge and start fresh with next months. I felt that 8 days wasn't enough time. I should have my final pose by the end of the week or the beginning of next week. Talk to you soon.


Devastated Pose

Hey all,

Well, it's Wednesday. Three days late, but better late then never. My final devastated pose. I think it turned out pretty clear. Made sure to keep my silhouette open (and that was pretty difficult.) My next pose is Strength. Also, on the side, I will be participating in the current 11 Second Club challenge. Something to get back into actual animation. If you have any feedback, it's more then welcome. Talk to you soon.


Hey Guys,

Still working on my pose, should have it by the end of this week. In the meantime, I have found a really awesome short film created by three talented french students from Supinfocom. Enjoy!