Another Polishing Pass

Hey Guys,

Here's another polishing pass of my shot. We had a break last week, but I felt that I'd get a bit of a head start and polish up my shot some more. I added the jaw movement, added/changed the eye animnation and I changed up a few things to simplify and clarify. I feel that it's working better.

Now that the summer quarter has begun, I can start animating the face! I'm really excited to get started. Speaking of the new quarter, I have a new mentor Morgan Kelly. I hope to get a lot out of this class since he has a tone of industry experience and he is also an instructor for Cal Arts. I'm looking forward to this quarter.


Refining/Polishing Pass

Well, here is the the final pass of my monologue shot for class 4. We don't address the face until next quarter. As you can see, I've made some pretty big changes to the beginning... again. As my mentor put it, I did some soul searching and I feel it was for the better. I still have a lot of finessing to do, but this is the final for the quarter.

As for my Professor, Melanie, she had to be one of the coolest mentors I've had at AM. She was full of energy and super motivated to help each and everyone of her students. It was always a blast to go to her classes because of her enthusiasm... and because of all the little melodies she would sing. If anyone reading this blog decides to go to AM, I highly recommenced her as a professor, you will not regret it.


Second Splining Pass

Note to self... Acting is HARD! Here is the second pass of my monologue shot. If you can tell, I've changed up the beginning a bit. I've also made a more refined pass of the eye's and hands, which surprisingly are fun to animate. I still have a good amount to work on and... some pretty big changes. "So much time and so little to do."

Also, the final hand pose for the term.



First Spline Pass... uuuuugh

Here is the first spline pass of my monologue shot. As you can see, I know how to make mashed potatoes! because this looks like mush :) Granted, I only had about three days to push this out since I was having an AWESOME time in San Francisco, but no excuses. Hopefully next week I will have a tighter pass... let's hope.

And just for the heck of it, Hand poses. (Along side our animation, we need to do hand poses demonstrating certain emotions.)