Physical Strength Posing

Hey Guys,

I'm a little late this week on the posting but work is ramping up and I'm finding little time to do anything else besides work and doing homework. So this is going to be a short post. This is my Physical Strength Pose. I wanted it to be a more interesting test besides a dude lifting something heavy, so I added a story element to make it more interesting. I think it was pretty successful. Next week, concern and some Vanilla walk Ice Cream. ;) Talk to you soon.


Taylor's Unfortunate Demise

Hey People,

Week 7 over and it was pretty fun. I took on the harder of the two challenges (either a one legged character jumping from A to B or a ball with a tail) and choose taylor... that little rat bastard of a ball squirrel thing. He wasn't that bad to animate, but my time line was riddled with some many red knotches, it look like a bloody mess. :) Anyway, I felt like expressing my love for the furry woodland creature and animating this test. ENJOY!

And here is my planning animation.

(I took out the tail vibration cause Aaron felt that it would sell the idea more and I think it really helped)

Next week, a physically strong walk cycle. Talk to you soon.



Hello Again!

A new week and a new post. Here is my recent assignment, The Pendulum test. This was a fun assignment. Ii was much looser before, but my professor told me to tone it down a bit and I think it turned out fairly well. This assignments seems to bring back a bunch of good memories. I hope you enjoy. The next assignment will be a challenge, but hopefully it turns out well. Talk to you soon!


Devastated about an Obstacle Test

Hello Everybody,

I just finished week 5 and it was a doozy. This was a busy week. We had two new assignments and revisions to finish. Yea, busy busy. Well, it was a success. Aaron seemed to be pleased with my final products. Of course he had some feedback for me, but lucky it was only tweaky stuff. And he likes to give tweaky feedback.

The first assignment was a ball going through an obstacle course following the principles of timing, spacing, squash & stretch, and a little overlap. This was a really fun one and a huge challenge to try to keep it under 120 frames. As you can see, I didn't keep it under the 120 frame mark, but our professor told me that he would rather have a completed assignment that looked finished instead of an assignment that ended up to short.

Assignment #2 was a devastation pose. This is my second devastated pose and it turned out way better then the first. It took me awhile to find the correct position for the right hand, but when I did, it was a eureka moment. It just created a nice s-curve right down the pose and it just felt so much better. I hope you guys enjoy. Next week, a frustrated little pendulum. Talk to you soon.