Heavy & Light

Hey Guys,

Week 4 has come and gone. Here is my new assignment: The Heavy and Light ball test. Our goal was to demonstrate weight, timing and spacing. I spent a good amount of time and stress on this one, and I think it shows. I hope you guys enjoy. Next up, a very devastated course.... Talk to you soon!



Here is the the pose I promised, Excitement. This was a difficult one. Hard not to cliche and twin on this one, but I think I got a pretty sold pose. Next week, heavy/light ball bounce. Talk to you soon.


Bouncing ball

Here is the first animation assignment, A simple ball bounce. And man, it is harder then it looks. The most important of animation tests and I'm still trying to get a right feel for it. This is pretty much my final. I should have my excitement pose up shortly. Talk to you soon.

Update: new revisions


Final for Observation Pose... I think

Hey Guys,

Well, with great constructive feedback from Aaron and all my fellow peers, this should be the last of my observation pose. They really help me get the nice relaxed look I was going for. Next up, Excitement for a Ball Bounce. See you then!


Observation pose

Hello Everybody (HI Doctor Nic),

Well I'm in week two for Animation Mentor and I'm loving it. The student to student interaction is the best part about it. It's a huge community that is helping one another. It's awesome.

My first assignment is an Observation pose. We just go out and do some cafe sketching and then pose it with Stu. So I found some hipsters and they are the best people to draw. Anyway, if you have any feedback, shoot. I'm open to critiques. Thanks and I will have another post real soon.

A few of my Sketches:

My First Pass:

My Revisions: