Still Refining

Here is the next pass of my sequence. It's a week late, but at least I'm posting something. I refined the first shot a little more and pulled the seconded shot out of blocking. I found out that the hardest part of shot two was locking down the weight in the walk. I knew that I couldn't move on until I had the mechanics locked down. It's getting there... I'll try to post something up by the middle of this week. Thanks for stopping by!


"Feelin' Funny" Blocking/Refining

Here is another pass at my two person dialogue shot. The way they have us approach the assignment is by splitting up the sequence and treating each cut like it's own shot. It's an interesting and intense strategy, but it is a great learning experience. I worked the first shot of the sequence to a refined-ish pass. I still have a load to do, but it's getting there:

And! the final facial pose for class 5:

I'll have more to show by the beginning of next week. Enjoy!


A new adventure begins

Well, here is the start of my two character shot. I'm going for another subtle piece of animation, so I can really focus on the face. This one is going to be a difficult sequence, but I think I can handle it.... I think.

First, for your amusement, some reference:

Next, the blocking:

Finally, another facial pose:

If you have any feedback, I'm all ears. Thanks!


slow week...

It's been a busy, fun and stressful week full of Siggraph and Animation Mentor events. I don't really have much to post since I'm in between assignment, but here is a facial pose while you wait... that's if anyone is waiting... :)

I should have a tone more next week full of animation goodness.