This is the End ... of Class 1, my Friends

Hey Everybody!

This is it. All my hard work in a one minute and five second clip. I think it turned out pretty good. There are a few things that you haven't seen yet. The personality walk: Stealth. And my balance pose. If the walk turned out dark on your monitor, I apologize for the inconvenience. It looks good on my quicktime video file, but when I uploaded it to the internet... it sucked all the light out of it... BOO! I hope you guys can see it.

Anyway, it's my time to say good bye to Class 1. I gotta say thank you to Aaron, my Professor, for being an amazing teacher and pushing my work to the next level.

Time for a nice week off! Enjoy the reel!

::Music is by The Yoshida Brothers. The Song is Kodo::


  1. Pretty slick Chris. Can't wait to see even more of your work in the future. Congrats on finishing class 1. =D

  2. Damn slick! Nice progress reel man. I'll see you around campus in about a week.

  3. Your reel looks great! And the Yoshida Brothers are awesome. I'm sure you will produce some awesome work in your body mechanics and acting classes. :)

  4. Looks Awesome.You've got great stuff! Hey, If you have time to stop by my blog please do and drop a comment on what you think!