Blocking Plused

Oh Yeaaaa!  We're on a roll!

As promised (a little late, but better late then never) an update.

My main focus was the acting beats and the eye direction for the female character (Hannah), but at the same time still trying to keep it simple and acting within the poses.  It's coming along, but so much to do.  Next step: THE DREADED SPLINGING PASS!!!  Stay tuned


  1. Nicely done chris! Josh Perry here from AM! The subtlety and simplicity is looking great so far, looking forward to the spline stage.. dum dum dummmmm

  2. Hey Chris, Karisa from AM as well :)
    This is coming along really nicely. You really got it on point with your camera setup, for my attention was immediately drawn to the main character. Her poses are really appealing and you capture her anguish well. as a viewer, I really felt for her ;)
    Great going Chris ! and I'm looking forward to your spline pass.

    Kari :D

  3. Lets see this splined already!!

  4. Hey Guys!
    Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the encouraging words!!