Hey Everyone,

I'm going to make this a work in progress blog again. So, first off, My mentor is Melanie Cordan and she is..... AWESOME! I feel very fortunate to have a mentor that has a wide variety of experience. Also, she has to be one of the most enthusiastic mentor's I've had at AM and it's terrific. Her energy is threw the roof and it really feels like she want's to push our stuff to the next level. So Excited!

Second, Here is my planning for my first assignment, "It's ALIVE!" The whole point of this exercise is to develop two distinctive emotional beats in a shot. Also, keep it simple and focus on the acting. I had gone threw a range of idea's and came up with these two. After a lot of help from my mentors and my peers I decided to go with the first idea on the video. I felt it had the best contrast in emotions and it would allow me to play with subtle animation, something I haven't explored yet.

Next week, Blocking!

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